YTK-Finance system

YTK will be presented in the form of finance + blockchain to create an open source underlying platform for the blockchain financial industry.

Construction of digital financial ecological chain?

The traditional Internet and industrial ecological chain revolves around the real economy, but the ecology of the three major systems of financial products, C-end users, and investment supervision does not have a complete system to open it up.

Form a complete ecological chain. YTK relies on the underlying technology of the blockchain to open up a complete ecological chain, make life more convenient, make business easier, and make financial services more convenient and secure.

What is the future of YTK blockchain construction

YTK Coin digital asset application system (referred to as YTK for short) is the world's first blockchain financial ecosystem that truly has a composite business model and a ground-based application. YTK is an ecological platform based on the financial industry. It is the world ’s first and the world ’s first technology research and development, covering digital payment solutions in all areas of the financial ecology, real-time seamless exchange and transaction payment. Mode and implementation are applied in an integrated blockchain financial ecological APP. On the basis of peer-to-peer network technology, build a new global financial form based on blockchain and smart contract technology

As a decentralized blockchain platform, YTK uses the blockchain as a trusted foundation and combines sandbox isolation and network isolation mechanisms to allow digital assets to be confirmed, limited in number (scarce), tradable and consumable . Let everyone have digital assets and realize future wealth. In order to build the Internet into a smart economy ecosystem.

main feature

Supports hundreds of millions of users

Existing financial applications require extremely high response speeds. In addition, there are hundreds of millions of user groups in the industry. This technology solution that requires blockchain can carry a large number of hundreds of millions of daily active users, so that it has commercial value.

Users use financial instruments for free

Financial service providers, if it is necessary to pay in the blockchain before use, this is not suitable. A blockchain platform that can be widely used by users can obtain a wider range of decentralization. Financial developers Get a more effective operational strategy.

Modular design

For maintainability, we will fully decouple the functional module blockchain layer, smart contract virtual machine layer, API layer, and application SDK layer. In the core blockchain function, we open it to the community for maintenance and adopt technology protocols

Low-latency design

A good user experience requires reliable user feedback and relatively low latency. Long delays make users feel that using a blockchain-supported financial system is not as good as using blockchain + finance. We designed the second-level confirmation mode to ensure a good user experience.

Safe and scalable design

A blockchain designed for financial applications. The basic design needs flexibility and upgradeability. Any software will have bugs. The same is true for the design of the blockchain. The platform must be robust enough to quickly fix various emerging bugs. The GVM virtual machine we designed has an authorization mechanism. In order to prevent DDOS attacks and network congestion, general nodes do not support the operation of smart contracts. Smart contract operations require blockchain network resource overhead. Only authorized nodes can.

YTK roadmap

Token allocation

More token information

Token name: YOU Token
Symbol: YTK
Total supply: 10 billion YTK
Market circulation: 200 million YTK
Operating strategy

YTK will actively cooperate but does not rely on traditional operating channels. Word of mouth and community operations will become YTK's core operating ideas. Combined with the advantages of the financial + blockchain industry, word of mouth is maximized, and the maximum profit is left to users.

Invitation mechanism

Each new user is invited to the YTK network, and the inviter will get a certain reward. The reward mechanism has three levels. The reward ratio of each level will be dynamically adjusted according to operating data, and the results will be publicly adjusted.

Community operation, fully consolidating multi-party wisdom

YTK launched a commercial system to allow more merchants to participate in the financial transformation. During the project operation process, users were fully involved, and the community voted to maximize the personalized needs of users (financial).

Our team

Executive officer
  • Decentralized computing expert with more than 10 years of payment and transaction system design and architecture experience. He is a founding partner of the World Financial Services Desk and an early Bitcoin participant. He has started using Coinlock for micropayment content delivery and has established smart contracts, decentralized books and the Monetization system.

Executive officer

Masaru Ohnogi
  • A senior engineer at Microsoft-one of the inventors of "Colored Coin" and the top expert in the blockchain field-won several international academic awards.
Masaru Ohnogi


Arthur Datange
  • Leveraging on the early experience of front-line stock and options traders and fund management on Wall Street, Arthur Datange gradually focused on technical analysis and technical research of programmatic trading. He has successively joined the Entropy Fund and Yellow River Fund of Paloma Partner as senior technical directors, and the CTO has formed a technical team to develop system trading tools. Has rich project operation experience and market value management experience.
Arthur Datange


Paul Hale
Business consultant
  • University of California, Berkeley, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, former GE and BDP International executives, have a strong ability to market operations in the Asia-Pacific region.
Paul Hale

Business consultant